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Client Feedback

Hello Matt. Thanks very much for the work you’ve done at the house – we’re really pleased with the new floor. I’ve transfered the money across to your account. You should have it within 3 days, according to Halifax. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas. Best wishes

You’ve done a great job on my hall floor. I hoped it would look good but I didn’t expect it to look quite as good as it does now. It didn’t take too long, there wasn’t as much mess as I expected and your price was very reasonable. I would be happy to recommend your work to anyone. You can use that for your website but more importantly a friend of mine wants their hall and dining room doing and they have a budget of about £500. Can you send me your telephone contact details and I will put her in touch with you

Hi Matt, Hope all is well. I’m still delighted with the floor – both the old and new elements – and you can rest assured I’m looking after it! You may remember that I showed you that small third bedroom at the front of the house, and I enquired about the possibility of laying a wooden floor in such a modest space. Well, I’m still keen on the idea and wondered if you’d be able to give me a quote. Thank you

Hi Matt and Jo. The more I look at the new floors, the more fantastic I think they are. Thank you for your hard work